Monday, July 27, 2015

When the Healing Doesn't Come

When the Healing Doesn't ComeWhen the Healing Doesn't Come by Lori Hendrix
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A friend from my church youth group wrote this book. She was also a classmate of mine at Jonesboro Senior High School in Georgia. We both came to know Jesus through what we called Youth Ranch, which was an informal teenage Bible study that met every Thursday evening. Youth Ranch was a ministry of Clayton Community Church which now is Community Bible Church. What Lori writes in her book is her life story and the lessons she has learned through her life and from having several family members/friends die of cancer.

I did not know how much Lori went through from her childhood through her early adult life. Many people would have given up on life had they endured the hardships that she endured. However, Lori has become a strong Christian believer and a very sweet lady. She has allowed the Lord to use the hardships of life to shape her into a person that is a mighty servant of God. I saw her a few weeks ago at a Youth Group Reunion. She is doing very well.

If you have had love ones go through cancer, know of people that have had a difficult childhood, or enjoy reading about the trials of life you will enjoy this book. I am so glad I know Lori and I'm glad I read her book. She is a precious lady!

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