Monday, May 18, 2009

Clayton's Story

You will be convicted after watching this video:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In His Steps

What if we lived like Jesus? That is the theme of Charles M. Sheldon book, In His Steps. This is an old book, but it has some powerful truths for today. Read the paragraphs below and see if you agree.

The editor of the News has always advocated the principles of the great political party at present in power, and has theretofore discussed all political questions from the standpoint of expediency, or of belief in the party as opposed to other political organizations. Hereafter, to be perfectly honest with all our readers, the editor will present and discuss all political questions from the standpoint of right and wrong. In other words, the first question asked in this office about any political question will not be, "Is it in the interests of our party?" or, "Is it according to the principles laid down by our party in its platform?" but the question first asked will be, "Is this measure in accordance with the spirit and teachings of Jesus as the author of the greatest standard of life known to men?" That is to be perfectly plain, the moral side of every political question will be considered its most important side, and the ground will be distinctly taken that nations as well as individuals are under the same law to do all things to the glory of God as the first rule of action.

The same principle will be observed in this office toward candidates for places of responsibility and trust in the republic. Regardless of party politics the editor of the News will do all in his power to bring the best men into power, and will not knowingly help to support for office any candidate who is unworthy, no matter how much he may be endorsed by the party. The first question asked about the man and about the measures will be, "Is he the right man for the place?" "Is he a good man with ability?" "Is the measure right?" p. 67

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The book, Relentless, is very interesting. If you enjoy science fiction you will enjoy this book. Robin Parrish has a gift for writing. This is a Christian fiction book, however, I think even the non-believers will enjoy reading this book. I have a little quote below to give you a taste of this book:

“Grant, you have to understand…” Daniel said, taking on his best scholarly tone. “Scientists study the order of nature. But one thing science has never been able to explain is why that order exists. Why are there scientific laws that hold the universe together? Why doesn’t everything spiral out of control, into chaos? As much as we try to reason our way around it, some parts of our existence simply can’t be explained with formulas or proofs.”

“The human brain’s complexity, for example. Our ability to be self-aware and have consciousness and reasoning and imagination. The fact that as vast as the solar system is, our planet rests in the one orbit-the one precise position around our sun that’s capable of supporting life. There are a million examples all around us.” p. 253

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The Family

The Family
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