Monday, July 6, 2015

I Am Loved at Community Bible Church

97815006932829781500693282 by Sandi Adams Hutcheson

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This book was written by the daughter of the Pastor of the church where I became a believer. So, it was an excellent read for me. The book of course, was a little bais since it was written by the pastor's daughter. It also was more about the pastor of the church then just the church. The pastor, Buford Adams, had a profound influence on many people either to trust Christ as their Savior or to further their walk with the Lord and it most cases both. If you enjoy reading about churches, pastors, leadership then you will enjoy this book. Some of the personal relationships Buford enjoyed are well known people in Christian circles. One example is Paul Van Gorder (Radio Bible Class). Buford attended Van Gorder's church (Colonial Hills Baptist) in his early years.

I owe much of my Christian growth to Buford Adams, his pastoral staff, and Clayton Community Church. The church changed locations from Clayton County to Henry County and changed its name to Community Bible Church. Buford's son, Beau, is now the senior pastor.

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