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The Wisdom of Faith

The Wisdom of FaithThe Wisdom of Faith by Bobby Bowden
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FSU's Bobby Bowden is the coach that lead UGA's coach Mark Richt to the Lord. Coach Bowden has always been upfront with his love of Jesus Christ. From all I can tell he has lived his life reflecting his love for the Savior. This book is not about football although he does share some illiustrations from his playing and coaching days. This book is about how to live the victorious Christian life. Below are the chapter titles:

The Wisdom of Faith
The Wisdom of Fear
The Wisdom of Trust
The Wisdom of Courage
The Wisdom of Responsibility
The Wisdom of Humility
The Wisdom of Patience
The Wisdom of Discipline
The Wisdom of Contentment
The Wisdom of Suffering
The Wisdom of Love

He finished the book using a great illustration emphasizing all is in vain without first Christ as your personal Savior. I'm including just a few quotes from the book:

We cannot help make the world more as our Creator intended until we first learn to see it through our Creator’s eyes.

Waiting well requires us to wait for God and trust His timing. To put it differently, waiting well means to remind ourselves time and again – especially when troubles mount up – that God is in control. Such waiting gives us confidence. We gain strength. Our endurance grows. Hope burns brighter. And those encumbrances that once dragged us down slowly lose their grip. (Is. 40:31)

Great joy can be found by those who have little and need less. Great joy can also be found by those who have much and give more. Contentment is available to us whatever our circumstance in life, if our eyes are set first and constantly on the Living God.

It's not the amount of our possessions, but the value we give them, that distinguishes the wise from fools.

It is not miracles that produce faith but faith that produces miracles.  ~Fyodor Dostoevsky

I would recommend this book to college football fans, Bobby Bowden fans, and Christians who want to walk the talk!

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