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Never Again: Securing America and Restoring Justice

Never Again: Securing America and Restoring JusticeNever Again: Securing America and Restoring Justice by John Ashcroft
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John Ashcroft served as attorney general of the United States from February 2001 to January 2005. Prior to his appointment, he served in the United States Senate and as the governor of Missouri. I have always like John Ashcroft. He is a very religious man and a man of integrity.

This book details the struggle to set policy after the 911 attack on our nation. Many of the programs AG Ashcroft and President Bush put into play, I think took away some of our freedoms as Americans and opened the door to future Presidents (including the current one) to take away more freedoms. I feel the AG and President had the best interest of our nation at heart but went to far to sacrifice our freedom for security. I just had a couple of quotes to share from this book:

When I was serving as the attorney general of Missouri, three other state attorneys general and I visited President Ronald Reagan at the White House. Regan was his usual affable self, when for some reason the subject turned to capital punishment. He told us that he had wrestled with the issue as governor of California, because it is such a difficult matter to end willfully another person’s life. Reagan launched into a story about an elderly couple from California who sent him a gift and a note shortly after the first capital punishment was undertaken in California. Paraphrasing the contents of the note, Reagan said it read largely like this:

Dear Governor Reagan,
I’m seventy years old. My wife and I run a small liquor store, and we want you to have this gift because you saved our lives. Two thugs came into our store, and they had me on the floor. They had taken the money out of the cash register and one man had a knife at my throat, ready to kill me. I yelled at him, “You’ll get the death penalty for doing this!” And the thug dropped the knife and ran out of the store. Thanks for saving my life.

Reagan believed the death penalty was a deterrent to murder in that case, and I agree. I’m convinced that in the long run capital punishment saves lives.

“The will to win is not the most important thing; the will to prepare to win is most important.” – Vince Lombardi

If you want to know about the inside story of 911 you will enjoy this book!

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