Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cure for the Common Life Part 2

More from Max Lucado's book, Cure for the Common Life.

Each time we do our best to thank God for giving His, we worship. p. 75

Our gifts make an eternal difference only in concert with the church. p. 80

We are His workmanship (Eph. 2:10). "Workmanship" descends from he Greek word poeo or "poetry." We are God's poetry. p. 80

You are not God's poetry. I'm not God's poetry. I'm not God's poetry. We are God's poetry. Poetry demands variety. God works through different men in different ways, but it is the same God who achieves His purposes through them all. pp. 80-81

God's body has no nobodies. No exceptions. No exclusions. p. 81

He grants gifts so we can "prepare God's holy people." Paul reached into a medical dictionary for this term. Doctors used it to describe the setting of a broken bone. Broken people come to churches. p. 81

When you're full of yourself, God can't fill you. p. 88

But when you empty yourself, God has a useful vessel. p. 88

With God, our work matters as much as our worship. Indeed, work can be worship. p. 98

Jesus said no to good things so He could say yes to the right thing. p. 107

Christ repeatedly escaped the noise of the crowd in order to hear the voice of God. p. 108

Hurry is not of the Devil; it is the Devil. p. 109

Don't discount the smallest of your deeds. p. 115

Moses had a staff.
David had a sling.
Samson had a jawbone.
Rahab had a string.
Mary had some ointment.
Aaron had a rod.
Dorcas had a needle.
All were used by God.
What do you have? p. 116

Love the overlooked. Jesus sits in your classroom, wearing the thick glasses, outdated clothing, and a sad face. You've seen him. He's Jesus. Jesus works in your office. Pregnant again, she shows up to work late and tired. No one knows the father. According to water-cooler rumors, even she doesn't know the father. You've seen her. She's Jesus. When you talk to the lonely student, befriend the weary mom, you love Jesus. He dresses in the grab of the overlooked and ignored . "Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was Me-you did it to Me" (Matt. 25:40). p. 133

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