Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Grandfather's Son Part 1

I just started reading Clarence Thomas' book, My Grandfather's Son. I have enjoyed the first three chapters and wanted to leave you with a few quotes:

... we missed school only once in all the years I lived on East Thirty-second Street. That was not Daddy's fault: he warned us that if we died, he'd take our bodies to school for three days to make sure we weren't faking, and we figured he meant it. He also told us that our teachers, like Aunt Tina, were always right. Even when they weren't, it did no good to complain to him. Doing so was sure to get us in worse trouble. p. 15

Long after the fact, it occurred to me that this was a metaphor for life-blisters come before calluses, vulnerability before maturity-... p. 25

... the only hope I had of changing the world was to change myself first. p. 60

How could a black man be truly free if he felt obliged to act in a certain way-and how was that any different from being forced to live under segregation? How could blacks hope to solve their problems if they weren't willing to tell the truth about what they thought, no matter how unpopular it might be? p. 63

Please remember he calls his grandfather, Daddy.

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