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Vince Dooley's Tales from the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs

Vince Dooley's Tales from the 1980 Georgia BulldogsVince Dooley's Tales from the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs by Vince Dooley
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This book details the games from the 1980 National Championship Season of the University Georgia Bulldog team. One of the seniors on that team, Scott Woerner, was a classmate of mine in high school. The first chapter in the book tells of "The Pig" incident. I had never heard about this situation. Some of the team members decided they would kill one of the pigs at the UGA Botanical Gardens where the did swine research. The pig was cooked and eaten at the annual party before the 1980 season. The five football players involved in the "Pig" incident were Scott Woerner, Chris Welton, Frank Ross, High Nall, and Nat Hudson. It was very interesting to see how Coach Dooley handled the situation. I love reliving all of the games from this championship season. I was in college in Pensacola at the time and had to listen to most of the games on radio. Although I did see the UGA USC game on TV and also the Sugar Bowl vs ND.

Sometimes in the book it was hard to understand who was talking also the book flipped back and forth from the 1980 season and other seasons that Dooley recalled (sometimes this was a bit confusing). I wish the book would have spent more time detailing the recruitment of each of the players that played a significant role in that season. Of course the book did detail Herschel Walker's recruitment.

But I believe all Bulldawg fans will enjoy this book!

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