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Blind Justice

Blind JusticeBlind Justice by James Scott Bell
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James Scott Bell is an excellent author. He has a gift of using words to paint a picture. As I read the book I could see the characters, places, and events in my head. This story is about a washed up lawyer who takes on a case for a childhood friend who he had not seen in years. The childhood friend is challenged mentally but has married and whose wife is murdered. He (the childhood friend) is accused of the murder. Many colorful characters are introduced in the story. One character, the PI who the lawyer hires, is a former football player that often quotes Shakespeare. If you enjoy suspense with a Christian theme you will enjoy this book. Just a couple of quotes I will give you from this book. The following quotes are quotes the author uses from the book, Pensees written by Blaise Pascal, a seventeenth-century mathematician and physicist. Pascal underwent a dramatic conversion to Christianity and set out to write a defense of the faith. He died before finishing, but his notes survived and were collected in Pensees. I trust these quotes will encourage and challenge you!

When we see the blindness and misery of man, when we look upon the whole universe in all its dumbness and upon man without light, abandoned to his own devices, without knowing who put him there, what he has come to do, or what will become of him when he dies, and is so incapable of knowing anything, I am overwhelmed by fear. I am like a man carried off in his sleep and left on some terrifying desert island. There, he wakes up without knowing where he is and with no means of escape. I am amazed that people are not driven to despair over this condition.  p. 315

There is enough light for those who desire only to see. p. 372

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