Thursday, December 20, 2007

Break Through Prayer

Quotes taken from one the greatest prayer warriors, Jim Cymbala, from his book, Break Through Prayer.

Whenever God orchestrates a changing of the guard, He replaces unholy conduct with Godly living. (See 1 Samuel 2:12-17) page 162

When those in ministry follow the footsteps of Jesus, their goal is to pour themselves out sacrificially for others, not to amass large personal fortunes. (see 1 Thessalonians 2:9) page 163


1. King Solomon approached God first with thanks and praise. (1 Kings 3:7 a)

2. Solomon prayed with great humility. (1 Kings 3:7 b)

Solomon’s belief in his natural inability is exactly what qualified him to receive supernatural help. His humble spirit helped to unlock the treasury of heaven.

3. Solomon defined himself as God’s servant, ready to do His will. (1 King 3:8)

4. Solomon asked for a blessing that would bless God’s people. (1 King 3:9)

This final portion of Solomon’s prayer was the real key to God’s overwhelming response. Rather than asking selfishly for himself, Solomon called on the Lord for help so he might serve God’s people effectively. He asked for a wise and discerning heart so that he might govern fairly and lead Israel with wisdom. When God heard his request for a blessing that would make him a blessing to others, he answered with such liberality that Solomon became the richest and glorious king of his time.

God intends to make us channels of His blessings so that we can bless others in His name.
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