Monday, December 3, 2007

Grace Walk

A new author to me is Steve McVey. A friend loaned me Steve's book, Grace Walk. As you will read he has some very interesting thoughts!

the key to experiencing supernatural, liberating strength is personal weakness. Quoted by Bill Gillham (who wrote LifetimeGuarantee) in the forward of Grace Walk P. 7

If you want to talk about credentials, Paul had them. Yet he said that these enviable qualifications had not proven to be assets, but liabilities. How can natural abilities become liabilities? It happens when we rely on those abilities instead of on Christ. P. 30

I believe that God will put heavier burdens on you than you can bear, especially when He is trying to bring you to the place of brokenness. God will allow the burden to be greater than you can bear so that you will finally allow Him to bear it for you. God’s purpose in the breaking process is to bring you to the end of your own resources so that you will be ready to understand that He is the only resource you need in life. As long as your own abilities are sufficient to rise to the challenge, you will never understand that He doesn’t just give strength. He is your Strength. In the breaking process, God has no intention of helping you get stronger. He wants you to become so weak that He can express Himself as the strength you need in every situation. P. 34

For the anxious Christian it is often easier to do something for God than to wait for God to do something through us. A life of grace is characterized by a calm confidence in a sovereign God whose love and wisdom always causes Him to do what He wants when He wants to do it. Inestimable damage may be done when we consciously or unconsciously try to move things forward because God isn’t moving fast enough for us. P. 173

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