Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Great Divide

The Great Divide (Marcus Glenwood Series #1)The Great Divide by Davis Bunn
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I very much enjoyed this book. first the only bad part of my review. I buy lots of books at GoodWill. Several years ago I bought a book by T. Davis Bunn by the title Winner Take All and when I started reading read it the book did not make sense. It took be a lot of searching to find this was the third in a series by Bun. I wished the books made note of this.

This novel The Great Divide is a story about a college student who while working on her thesis finds some wrong doing in a factory in China. Most of the book is set in the courtroom. The hero is a character named Marcus. The author does a great job helping the reader get to know Marcus and feel his heart beat. If you enjoy court room drama and Christian fiction then you will love this book!

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