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In His Shadow: Growing Up with Reggie White

In His Shadow: Growing Up with Reggie WhiteIn His Shadow: Growing Up with Reggie White by Jeremy White
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I bought this autographed book at a used bookstore for $3.00. Reggie White was one of if not the best defensive player ever in the NFL. He retired then came out of retirement to play for the Carolina Panthers. I lived in the hometown of the Panthers, Charlotte. So I heard a lot about Reggie White and have been interested in learning about him. His son, Jeremy, wrote this book. Reggie died Sunday, December 26, 2004 of sleep apnea. This book really is more about Jeremy than it is about his Dad. However, I did learn a lot of new things about Reggie. He studied Hebrew sometimes over seven hours a day so he could learn more about God's Word. I have to say that he had a lot of beliefs based on his study that I had never heard before I read the book. Also, I learned that when he was playing football he trained 12 months out of the year. He was in top shape. He seem to love football and love God.

I believe Jeremy  wrote this book when he was in college. The writing (from the language used and the things he writes) seem to come from a young person. I think if he had been much older the book would have been written from a whole different prospective. A person who reads this book can not help but have a love for this family If you are a football fan or a Reggie White fan you would enjoy this book.

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