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Amendment One - Marriage Amendment

BEST Pro Amendment One response I have heard/read! From David Chadwick.

On May 8th, North Carolina voters will vote on a Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that will be recognized by our state.

I cannot, nor will I, tell you how to vote. However, there are times when I must, by my commitment to Jesus and his Word, give you facts about issues. This is one of those times.

Here are objections some are raising and my responses:

1. North Carolina already has a law defining marriage between a man and a woman. That is true. But it's already been challenged, as early as December of this past year. The only way to prevent this definition from being changed by aggressive judges is to have this law be immutably stated in the Constitution. 2. There will be unintended consequences from victims of domestic violence. This objection is based on appellate cases in Ohio (which states a similar perspective in its Constitution). But this challenge was overturned by Ohio's Supreme Court. North Carolina domestic violence laws already protect people, regardless of their relationships. This will continue even with this Constitutional addition. 3. Children of unmarried couples lose their insurance coverage or custody or visitation rights if this becomes a part of our Constitution. This will not impact what employers already do. Plus, custody and visitation rights are determined by law by the relationship of the parent to the child, not the relationship between parents. 4. How does a marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman hurt my marriage, or any marriage? Let's be very clear: the assault on marriage didn't begin with this amendment. It first began with the fallen human condition that always seeks our will. It was aggravated by the sexual revolution decades ago that invited promiscuity and adultery. It was exacerbated further by "no fault" divorce laws decades ago. If you want an example of where all this may go, simply look at many western European countries where marriage is considered unimportant, only 20% marrying. This view towards marriage is the natural consequence of a culture that continues to diminish marriage as God intended. Is that where we want to go? What may be next? 5. It will be bad for business. The ten fastest growing business states in the United States all have a similar kind of statement about marriage between a man and a woman in their Constitution. What is the only one that doesn't? North Carolina.

There are 30 states that have already approved a similar statement on marriage for their Constitutions. Each one was voted on by the people. The 7 that define marriage differently were all decided by the judicial branch.

Finally, for followers of Jesus, the Bible - God's Word - is very clear. Marriage is not a right for humans to have. It's a gift from God, an ordinance written into creation. Its definition by God is not only for Jews and Christians, but a creation creed for all people everywhere. God defined marriage, not us!

In original intent, God clearly defined his will for marriage in Genesis 2:24. Please read the verse carefully. It's what I've taught consistently over three decades of ministry. God's will for marriage is one man, one woman, in a committed heterosexual, monogamous relationship.

Because of the Fall in Genesis 3, humans for centuries have tried to abrogate God's original intent. Whether it's pre-marital sex, adultery, pornography, polygamy, divorce among others, our hardened, selfish hearts deny marriage as God intended it. Whenever the prophets in the Bible saw these aberrations from God's original intent, they called God's people back to Genesis 2:24.

What did Jesus think and teach? In Matthew 19, he was asked his opinion about divorce. To where did he direct people? Genesis 2:24. Although Jesus never directly addressed homosexuality per se, he did address God's intent for sexuality in marriage. He quoted Genesis 2:24 (as did Paul in Ephesians 5 when addressing marriage as God intended it). Being under his Lordship, I must too.

Every study I've read says that marriage between a man and a woman is the healthiest way to raise children. It's the best way to produce good health between a man and a woman. It's the foundation for the health of a nation.

Finally, the Bible says that God's blessing is upon a nation that honors him. Above all, I yearn for God's supernatural blessing upon all citizens on our great state. I believe we will need this blessing like never before in the years to come.

In the end, you must do your own research. To read further regarding some of the misinformation and false innuendo you may be hearing and seeing, please go to

Finally, you must vote your own conscience. I do ask you to do your research, both intellectually and Biblically. Then ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

My passion is for all people to come to faith in Christ. I try to speak prophetically to the Republican and Democratic parties, to spiritual seekers and believers alike, to all people everywhere. I always want to speak the truth. But I also want to speak the truth in love.

I pray I've done so in this letter to you all.

Under God's Grace and Mercy, David

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