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Still Growing-An Autobiography: Kirk Cmeron

I just finished reading Kirk Cameron book, Sill Growing. It actually belongs to my son, Paul. Even though I am not a fan of his tv series Growing Pains, I found the book a good read. Instead of several quotes from the book I will divide it into the parts he tells us about and share a few links with you.

  • The first part of the book deals with growing up in a "normal" family. He tells much about his family life.

  • The next part shares how his Mom took her children to see a talent agent to see if they would be good for tv/movies. Kirk tells about several commercials he was cast in and some he was not

  • Finally he auditioned for Growing Pains. He of course got the part and became a star. If you have never watch Growing Pains you can read a little about the show here! Below is a clip for the theme song:

  • It was during his time as an actor on Growing Pains that a friend invited him to Chuck Swindoll's church. Kirk had been an atheist growing up and had no interest in religion. But when this young lady invited him to church, he decided he would be polite and go with her and her family. This decision caused him to rethink his atheism. He also was give Josh McDowell's More Than A Carpenter book to read. He trusted Christ as his Savior.

  • Not long after he trust Christ as his Savior the girl he eventually married, Chelsea Noble auditioned for a role on Growing Pains. This was not intended to be a permanent role. However, after the directors saw the chemistry between the two she became permanent. He had met Chelsea o the set of his sister's show, Full House. Chelsea was cast as Kirk's girlfriend. They adopted four children and have two biological children, so six in all. Below is a interview with the two on the Regis and Katie Lee Show shortly after their wedding:

  • Kirk and Chelsea have a burden for children with critical or terminnal illnesses and their families so they started a camp to mnister to these families. The camp is called Camp Firefly. The name was chosen because thir are many fireflies at the camp that light up the night and fireflies are light and hope is light. They want to bring the light of hope to these families. Kirk says, "Camp Firefly is designed to bring laughter back into the lives of stressed-out families."

  • Kirk played he role of Buck Williams in the Left Behind movies. Chelsea played Hattie. When he was at a booksellers convention to promote Left Behind someone handed him a CD about something they thought he would be interested. Long story short this was the beginning of him being involved in The Way of the Master. This is a teaching of the "best" way to tell others about Christ and to led a person to the saving knowledge of Christ. It shows a person how they have broken the ten commandments and how on their own they cannot enter Heaven, but if they will confess their sin and turn to Christ as their Savior and depend only on Him then they can have a place in Heaven.  Another good resource for this is LivingWaters.

  • After Kirk read the script of Facing the Giants he called the producers of the film and told them he would be interested in playing the role in a movie of theirs. They told him he could try-out because they not only wanted someone would could play the part, but wanted someone who was genuinely walking with the Lord. He got the part in FireProof. In the scene were he kisses his wife he had Chelsea stand in because he has committed to never kiss anyone but his wife. Below is a couple of clips from FireProof:


While I Am Waiting

I want to finish this blog with the following quote from chapter 22 page 203 of the book:

"I suppose it could be argued that I reached the pinnacle of my success when Growing Pains hits its zenith in 1987. But it depends on your definition of success. I am a very wealthy man: I received my riches the day I pulled over to the side of Van Nuys Boulevard and gave my whole self to God-what little I knew of Him at the time."

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