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From Hope To Higher Ground

From Hope to Higher Ground: 12 STOPS to Restoring America's GreatnessFrom Hope to Higher Ground: 12 STOPS to Restoring America's Greatness by Mike Huckabee
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This book explains Huckabee's views on lots of issues. I agree with him on about 96% and the few I disagree I can see his side. He also clears up some of the out right lies that have been told about how he believes. I think he would make an excellent President! I hope he will run in the future!

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Here are some quotes from the book:

As we saw victims of Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed by the unexpected storms and surges of water that washed away their hope, we also saw ourselves as likewise being vulnerable. We are reminded that in many ways we all live below sea level, surrounded by levees that we thing will hold and that we trust to keep us safe. But whether the levees are those made by human hands with concrete steel, or are the levees of our personal health, our jobs, the safety of our neighbors, our pension plan, or the confidence we have placed in our government, churches, banks, or other institutions, all of us indeed live below sea level and are but one breached levee away from devastation.  p. 16
Just as I needed to change my personal habits to regain my own health—so America must change its habits in order to regain its true greatness. ACTION America – Activating Citizens To Impact Our Nation. p. 17
[ACTION Church – Activating Christians To Impact Our Nation] ~My thoughts
My own optimism, both personally and for our nation, is not the result of having spent time on a mountaintop but from having spent so much time in the valley. The air tends to be thin on the mountaintop, but in the valley the soil is rich and good things grow there. It is in the depths of the valley that we discover our weakness but also our capacity of strength and resilience. p. 24
There is value in approaching life with the attitude that I might actually learn something from those with whom I disagree. p. 33
I once heard an eloquent African-American pastor speak of the four kinds of pride: pride of face (outward appearance); pride of place (socioeconomic position); pride of race (ethnic background); and pride of grace (religion). p. 38
It’s been said that profanity is the strong expression of a weak mind. The excessive use of such language causes it to lose any impact or shock value, and only demonstrates disrespect and contempt for others and for propriety. p. 40
One of the studies the commission conducted was to determine the most important factors in predicting whether a student would succeed in college. When I have posed the question to audiences, most respondents guess that the key predictors would be socioeconomic standing or even race in determining the likelihood a student would complete college. Both of these responses are quite wrong. Fifty years of research indicates that the key predictor of getting through college and graduating is having access to and participation in a rigorous and challenging curriculum at the high school level. It is critical that schools offer a broad range of courses and that the rigor of the curriculum is challenging, adequately preparing the student for a real future. p. 50
From an educational standpoint, numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between music education and math scores. This makes perfect sense in that the study of music helps develop both the left and rights sides of the brain and improves spatial reason and the capacity to think in the abstract. p. 51
The younger the age at which one is exposed to and learns music, the more impact the study of music will have on his or her academic capacity and achievement. p. 52
It is always best to remember that people are working with you, not for you. p. 182
 “He who is my opponent today may be my friend tomorrow.” Never burn bridges and end relationships. p. 190

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