Friday, October 29, 2010

Mover of Men and Mountains

Many years ago my college room mate recommended the book, Mover of Men and Mountains by R. G. LeTourneau. I read his copy. Recently I saw it in a used book store and it was autographed. I bought it and reread it. It is a wonderful book about LeToreau's life. The college he founded still is in Texas. I highly recommend this book. I trust you will enjoy the quotes below:

My slogan with the exception of one disastrous lapse I will bring up later, has long been, “Not how much of my money I give to God, but how much of His money I keep for myself.” Or as I sometimes put it more bluntly, “It’s all right to give God credit, but He can use cash, too.” You know, they say you can’t take it with you, but I say you can send it on ahead, and have it waiting to your credit when you get there. p. 90
We took our problem to our Lord, and felt better about it. You know, a lot of people take their problems to the Lord, and get up and walk away, carrying their problems back with them. Like those who pray for rain, and then go out without an umbrella. If that’s all the faith there is, there is not much point in praying. The Lord can’t help you if you insist on carrying your problems with you. Leave them with Him, and they are no longer yours but His. p. 103
You will never improve unless you blame yourself for the troubles you have. Then when you realize your troubles are your own, you can take them to the Lord and He will give you guidance. Just don’t make the mistake of asking Him to believe the other fellow was to blame. p. 147
When a man admits his mistakes, and is willing to learn from them with the Lord’s help, new worlds can open up. p. 154
When the Lord has a job for you to do, He’ll give you the strength and the ability to do it. p. 206
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Anonymous said...

I have recommended this book multiple times, quoted from it in sermons and have sought model a Christ-centered life in the various occupations I have had. I would put a copy in every young man's hands after high school or if I could make it mandatory reading in high school.
I just recently met a man in Wheatland, WY that knew RG and his son. He confirmed that RG walked the talk.
Thanks for the post.
Pastor Mike Baber, Chugwater, WY

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