Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Janitor

One of my favorite new stores is Ollies. The have lots of books for very low prices. A picked up a little book, The Janitor by Tod Hopkins and Ray Hilbert, that looked interesting. Boy, was it a great book. It shares a commonsense balance for maintaining your priorities when chaos threatens. The story is about a CEO whose business, marriage, and life is in chaos. He happens to meet the janitor who cleans his company each night. This janitor happens to be a retired CEO who has learned some valuable principles ("Directives") from his late wife. I share these principles below, but you will need to read the book to have each explained to you.

Directive 1: Recharge versus discharge.

Directive 2: View family as a blessing, not a responsibility.

Directive 3: Pray: don't pout.

Directive 4: Pass it around.

Directive 5: Don't spend; invest.

Directive 6: Leave a legacy.

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