Sunday, April 12, 2009

Call Me TED

Ted Turner's book, Call Me Ted, is an excellent read. Even though politically I do not agree with him, his life has always intrigued me. He is/was very much a risk taker and is a man of great vision. I recommend you read his book. It is long, 433 pages, but has lots of interesting information. I have only listed a few quotes from the book for your enjoyment:

He [Ted's Dad] then told me something I've never forgotten. He said, "Son, you be sure to set your goals so high that you can't possibly accomplish them in one lifetime. That way you'll always have something ahead of you. I made the mistake of setting my goals too low and I'm having a hard time coming up with new ones." p. 56

I'm convinced that one of the reasons I've been successful is that almost always competed against people who were bigger and stronger but who had less commitment and desire than I did. p. 184

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