Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soul Tracker

I think of Bill Myers as a Science Fiction Christian Writer. His book, Soul Tracker starts slow, but if you stick it out it is an excellent read. Though this is a fiction book, I did find some good quotes. I trust you will enjoy them.

A scientist who believes in the Bible? There is more than sufficient empirical evidence to prove- p. 83

All right . . . Empirical evidence can be found in any one of several disciplines. History, archaeology, mathematic-
You can prove the claims of Jesus Christ mathematically? According to the laws of probability, there is little doubt that He is the Messiah. pp. 83-84

As we can best determine, there are up to three hundred Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ.
David raised an eyebrow. What type of prophecies? His actions, the location of His birth, the precise time of His appearance-not to mention specific details of His crucifixion-a form of execution not even invented when the prophecies were written. 
David started back toward his desk. Couldn't some of that be coincidence?
Perhaps, but the odds of one man fulfilling only eight of the major prophecies is roughly one in ten to the seventeenth power.
That's steep.
The equivalent of covering the state of Texas in two feet of silver dollars, painting one red, and giving a blind person one chance to pull it out.
David sat back on the edge of his desk, quietly absorbing the information. So, in your mind, that makes Jesus Christ the Messiah.
Among other evidence, yes. And, if that is the case, I must accept His claims.
Which are?
Several. But the one that should give you the greatest comfort in His promise that those who put their trust in Him will not die but live forever in heaven.  p. 84

... religion, rules, and regulations, they're a hundred times easier to follow than God's love. Nice and neat, no mess. No risks... and no real need to listen to His heart. p. 190

... Christ didn't come to condemn the lost, but to save them. p. 190

As far as I know, the only ones He ever condemned were the religious folks who claimed to be so righteous. p. 190

My point is this-real Christianity is both grace and truth. It's like that sign up there. She motioned to the placard above the door that read, "Jesus Saves." That sign is truth, but it just sits there. It can't come down off the wall and love people like you and I can. It can't even save them. It's pure truth, but it's pure useless-like most Christians I know. They got truth all neatly wrapped and preserved, but they're afraid of getting it dirty-they're afraid to come down off the wall and soil their hands. p. 191

I'm just saying that real love is messy. So messy that it could get you killed-especially by truth keepers. Just ask Jesus. p. 191

Jesus will never judge anybody with His truth that He didn't first die for with His love. And unless you and I have that type of love, our truth is vain and empty and useless. Like Paul says, without love we're an obnoxious clanging cymbal. p. 191

Amazing, isn't it . . . The Creator of the whole universe loves us more than His own life. Makes no difference who we are, what we've done-He loves us. Isn't that what He proved on the cross? That He loves us more than His own life? And once we get ahold of that, I mean, once we really understand and accept that, then the love, it just starts gushing out, doesn't it-it just starts gushing, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. p. 235

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