Saturday, March 8, 2008

Come Thirsty Part 1

I'm teaching a Power Walk class at church called "Come Thirsty." It is based on Max Lucado's book, Come Thirsty. Therefore, I am now reading the book. Max is a great story teller. So all of his books are easy reads. I just finished chapter five. Below are a few quotes from this book:

Eph. 2:4-9

Look how grace defines us. We are:
  • spiritually alive: "He gave us life" v. 5
  • heavenly positioned: "seated with Him in the heavenly realms" v.6
  • connected to God: "one with Christ Jesus" v.6
  • billboards of mercy: "examples of the incredible wealth of His favor and kindness toward us" v.7
  • honored children: "God saved you by His special favor" v.8 from p. 33
People hold no clot. Only God does. p. 36

You hang as God's work of art, a testimony in His gallery of grace. p. 36

Angels watch body burials the same way grandparents monitor delivery-room doors. "He'll be coming through any minute!" They can't wait to see the new arrival. While we're driving hearses and wearing black, they're hanging pink and blue streamers and passing out cigars. We don't grieve when babies enter the world. The hosts of heaven don't weep when we leave it. pp. 41-42

Max's study is based on the WELL:

Receieve Christ's:
Work on the the cross
Energy of His Spirit
Lordship over your life
Love, unending, unfailing

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