Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Man Who Moved a Mountain

The Man Who Moved a MountainThe Man Who Moved a Mountain by Richard C. Davids

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This is a great book! It is basically a biography of the life of Bob Childress. Bob's life spanned from 1890 to 1956. He grew up and served in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Also traveled to the Virginia part of the Blue Ridge. The book is written in a story format and includes Bob's life before he came to know Christ. He grew up as a wild mountain man. The story of the life that the mountain people lived is almost unbelievable. The people lived a very hard life and had very little. As Bob comes to know the Lord and is called into the ministry the story shifts to how the Lord used Bob's changed life to change the people of the Blue Ridge especially those of Buffalo Mountain (these were probably the hardest people to work with). The stories of Bob's life are amazing and even more amazing is the change that occurred in his life after salvation.

If you enjoy biographies, the Blue Ridge Mountains, or/and how God can change a man's life and use him to change others then you will enjoy this book.Here is a website that includes pictures of the beautiful churches that Bob built. Here are a few more pictures of Bob and his work.

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