Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lee Roberson -- Always about His Father's Business

Lee Roberson -- Always about His Father's BusinessLee Roberson -- Always about His Father's Business by James H. Wigton
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I have only been to Tennessee Temple University and Highland Baptist Church one time, but I have many friends who attended the University. This book is a biography of the long time pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church and the founder of the university. If you are interested in either the church or school or about Lee Roberson then you will enjoy this book. The book tells the story of Roberson's life from the time he was born until his death. I heard Roberson peach many times. He was an excellent speaker and a very Godly man. The book is informative about his life. The only negative about the book is the author repeats himself many times.

It is interesting to learn the leadership skills of Roberson and the Pastoral skills he exhibited. Lee Roberson is certainly one of a kind. Starting out as a Southern Baptist then becoming an Independent Baptist Pastor. The many people he influenced in God's Kingdom is mind boggling. So many Christian leaders from around the country were some of Roberson's boys. Here is a link to the foundation that was started in his name. Here is another link to the university  he founded. And finally a link to the church Highland Park Baptist Church  he served for over 40 years.

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