Friday, April 4, 2014

My Father at 100: A Memoir

My Father at 100: A MemoirMy Father at 100: A Memoir by Ron Reagan
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I was really hesitate to buy this book because the younger Reagan who wrote it is so liberal. However, I found it on sale at BAM for $3.97 and decided to go for it. I have read so many books about Ronald Reagan and knew this was one I needed to read. I have read all of the other books by President Reagan's children and so this completes all of his children's books about him. The majority of this book is about President Reagan's life before his son is born. Therefore we read a lot of history about the President's family (Mom, Dad, and brother), about his boyhood, teenage years, college years, and then manhood. The earlier chapters Ron's liberal views really do not come in view, but once he starts talking about his Dad in politics they come in loud and clear. I'm still glad I read the book and was able to view the President from his youngest child's point of view. It's funny to hear Ron sorta act like Al Gore (who invented the internet; lol). Ron somewhat takes claim for the Star War defense system and for also getting his Dad ready for his comeback debate against Walter Mondale. Even though Ron's views differ greatly from his Dad's views I can still see that he loved his Dad. I still have to wonder what caused Ron to take views 180 degrees from what his father believed. I would recommend this book to those who like myself are Reagan fans. But I would encourage you to find it on sale.

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