Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV Classic

Mayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV ClassicMayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV Classic by Neal Brower
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If this is not the best book I have ever read on the Andy Griffith show it is definitely one of the best. The author, Neal Brower, has taught Continuing Education courses at several colleges on the show. He has taken the course and added to it to write vol. 1 of this book. I have been trying to find out if/when other volumes of the book will be written. If any of you know please pass the word on to me.

This book gives a lot of behind the scenes about the show. Brower takes each episode and not only explains it in detail but has comments from an actor in that episode and/or writers, directors etc. They share things why a character was called a certain name (could have been a writer's neighbor etc.) or how the camera was set up, or how the story idea came about. If you are an Andy Griffith fan then you will throughly enjoy this book!

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