Sunday, November 17, 2013


UnwrittenUnwritten by Charles Martin
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This is the best novel I have read this year and maybe the best in years. Charles Martin is a great writer. Even the "Reading Group Guide" which I usually do not enjoy was top notch. The book examines the subject of forgiveness like I have never seen. The "question and answer" section with the author at the end of the book is very interesting. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys novels.  Below find one quote from the book that I trust will encourage you to read the book:

Of the six million species on the planet, only man makes language. Words. What's more - in evidence of the Divine - we string these symbols together and then write them down, where they take on a life of their own and breathe outside of us. Story is the bandage of the broken. Students of the shattered. The tapestry upon which we write our lives. Upon which we lay the bodies of the dying and the about-to-come-to-life. And if it's honest, true, hiding nothing, revealing all, then it is a raging river and those who ride it find they have something to give - that they are not yet empty.

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