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Sons of Glory

Sons of Glory (The Thistle and the Cross, #3)Sons of Glory by Craig Parshall
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This was by far my favorite of the three books in "The Thistle and the Cross" series. A good portion of the book is the description, preparation, and trail of the Boston Massacre. The historical shooting of the British soldiers shooting the Boston citizens. The setting of the book begins February 22, 1770 in Boston, Massachusetts. The  descendants of the Mackenzies in the other two books play a prominent part in this book.  I did a little research using the internet and it appears most of the information about the account and trail of the Boston Massacre is accurate. The main lawyer for the British was John Adams. Of course, this made him very unpopular with the people of Boston. It is very interesting to see how Adams stood up for the truth even when the truth was not popular but he still when on to become one of our nations Presidents.  I love to read court scenes and the preparation of the lawyers and this book provides a lot of those scenes. You may know but one of the authors, Craig Parshall is a lawyer.

If you enjoy learning about American history or just enjoy a good historical novel then you will enjoy this one. This book could stand alone in the series but it is best to read the other two first. Just one quote from this book:

Pray that God will use us for His greater purposes. And try with all my might to see that the truth is put bon trail, rather than the raw emotions of this confused city. That's all we can do. And when we have done all, then we must leave the rest up to the Lord of Hosts.

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