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Crown of Fire

Crown of Fire (The Thistle and the Cross, #1)Crown of Fire by Craig Parshall
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Craig and Janet Parshall have written a three book series called "The Thistle and the Cross."  Book one is titled "Crown of Fire" and is set in the 1600's. The book is a history novel that tells of the reformation in Scotland. Ransom Mackenzie is the main character and the story is told through his eyes. Many historical characters are main parts of the story including the following: John Knox, Mary Queen of Scotts, John Shakespeare (William's Dad), Edward the King of England, Marie de Guise , and many others. If you enjoy history and especially church history and like to see how it might have effected the every day person back in the 1600's then this is the book for you. Just a couple of tibets from the book to wet your appetite:

"And your question?"
"Just that...Dante speaks of love, Mister Knox."
"And you have said that God is love, and the source of it."
"Indeed I have. The Holy Scriptures teach it clearly."
"Then, how can love be sin?"
Knox paused, cloaking the temptation to smile at his student's question. Ransom's query showed that, at last, he was beginning to cast the searing light of God's Word onto the dreary stuff of his studies.
"Love," his tutor replied, "and by that I mean true love, is that which obeys the commands of God and emulates His design for our affections. Carnal love - the pursuit of the pleasures of the body in violation of God's holy plan - is the devil's substitute...always inviting, tempting all of us, but never able to satisfy, never able to reflect God's perfect design, which is that of marital affection and fidelity."

Ransom could not understand the wisdom of that course, but his time in the Highlands had taught him something else. That there were occasions where great reasons required great risk - even reckless abandon.

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