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The Cost of Discipleship

The Cost of DiscipleshipThe Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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What is the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ? Well that is what this book explains. Bonhoeffer makes nit plain that the price is high. Ther cost means we must die to self! I few quotes from the book:

Jesus asks nothing of us without giving us the strength to perform it. His commandment never seeks to destroy life, but to foster, strengthen and heal it. p. 40

"Ye are the salt." Jesus does not say: " You must be the salt." It is not for the disciples to decide whether they will be the salt of the earth, for they are so whether they like it or not, they have been made salt by the call they have recieved. Again, it is: "Ye are the salt," not "Ye have the salt." p. 130

The call of Jesus makes the disciple community not only the salt but also the light of the world: their activity is visible, as well as imperceptible. "Ye are the light." Once again it is not: "You are to be the light," they are already the light because Christ has called them, they are a light which is seen of men, they cannot be otherwise, and if they were it would be a sign that they had not been called. How impossible, how utterly absurd it would be for the disciples-these disciples, such men as these! - to try and become the light of the world! No, they are already the light, and the call has made them so.The light is not an instrument which has been put in their hands, such as their preaching. It is the disciples themselves. pp. 131-132

Prayer is the supreme instance of the hidden character of the Christian life. It is the antithesis of selfdisplay. When men pray, they have ceased to know themselves, and know only God whom they call upon. Prayer does not aim at any direct effect on the world; it is addressed to God alone, and is therefore the perfect example of undemonstrative action. p. 181

I highly recommend this book but be prepared to be challenged!

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