Saturday, November 6, 2010

Handle With Prayer

Another great book by Charles Stanley, Handle With Prayer. Since I am teaching a Sunday School series on prayer I'm trying to read as much about prayer as possible. Stanley has much good teaching in this book. Enjoy the quotes below:

The shortest distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between our knees and the floor. p. 10

Satan knows that real spiritual battle is done on our knees. Prayer is the weapon he fears most; therefore it is prayer against which he makes his greatest attack. p. 22

Fasting is abstinence from anything that hinders our communion with God. p. 30

. . . life's battles are won or lost in the place of prayer, not on the battlefield of everyday life. The real spiritual success or failure of a church does not depend on the talent of the preacher, the size of the congregation, or the strength of the organization. Success from God's point of view will only be obtained through prayer. The person who sees these other things as the criteria for success has no concept of the working of the Holy Spirit. It is by these outward signs that the world judges the church. But God does not win His battles through outward signs. God wins His battles through men and women who intercede on behalf of the kingdom. pp. 101-102

God's business, for the most part, is to be taken care of on our knees. When dealing with any situation, first we must pray. For it is on our knees that the real work is done. p. 102.

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