Friday, June 4, 2010

Coming Home

If you have not read Joseph Stowell, then you need to start. His book, Coming Home is awesome. I trust you will enjoy the quotes below:

Living out Psalm 46:10
. . . the Hebrew word used for "be still" has nothing to do with rapt attention to God. Rather it has everything to do with relaxing. In fact, the verse could be translated literally as "Relax, and know that I am God." The Hebrew word paints a vivid picture. It means to let go. pp. 146-147

God says that when we get out to the ragged edge we have to let go. We need to give up controlling, manipulating, and striving to somehow make it work. p. 147

The Hebrew word also means to let go, to put our hands down at our sides. In times of struggle we usually want to defend or protect ourselves. Putting our hands down at our sides makes us feel vulnerable. But that's what God is saying here. He's saying that we need to stop striving, let go, put our hands down, take a deep breath, and relax. p. 147

The only way we can relax is to know something about God. As the verse says, "cease striving and know . . . " Normally we don't connect our responses to knowing but rather to feeling. We are most often motivated in a crisis by our emotions-that wave of anxiety or surge of self-pity. Our emotions often form and drive our response. But notice that God says the only way we are going to be able to relax is to start with something we know. To start with a cognitive reality that is steady and stable. p. 147

While Psalm 46 doesn't say we can relax because we know the outcomes, it does say that relaxing comes from knowing the One who manages the outcomes. And actually it's better to know and trust the God of the outcomes than to know the outcomes themselves. If we knew the outcome, we might forget the God who manages them and disagree with Him on the implementation. p. 149

There isn't a problem in life that is bigger than God. p. 155

We need to remember that we're trusting God to manage the outcomes, and that means that He manages the timing. p. 156

God wants us to be still and let Him manage the outcomes, not only in regard to timing but in regard to method. He's in charge of the way the problem is resolved. p. 157

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