Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Through The TOUGH STUFF

One of my favorite writers, Charles Swindoll, has written a wonderful book, Getting Through The TOUGH STUFF. He lists fourteen stuff items especially for men and spends a chapter on each. Some of the topics covered include temptation, anxiety, doubt, remarriage, pain, hypocrisy, and death. I trust the quotes below will challenge you.

I'm convinced that most of us are rarely tempted in the area of our weaknesses but far more often in the areas of our strengths. I'm not the first to point that out. One man writes,
We must always remember that again and again we are tempted through our gifts. The person who is gifted with charm will be tempted to use that charm "to get away with anything." The person who is gifted with the power of words will be tempted to use his command of words to produce glib excuses to justify his own conduct. That person with a vivid and sensitive imagination will undergo agonies of temptation that a more stoic person will never experience. The person with great gifts of mind will be tempted to use these gifts for himself, and not for others, to become the master and not the servant of men. It is the grim fact of temptation that it is just where we are strongest that we must be forever on the watch. pp. 5-6

Among your circle of friends, be certain you have a few who care less for your comfort than they do for your character. p. 117

If some of our children spoke to their dads as we talk to God, we'd laugh out loud. "Oh, great, delightful, good, and loving earthly father. What is it thou dost wish me to do?" Good grief. p. 163

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