Friday, December 25, 2009

Game Plan for Life

Joe Gibbs asked eleven of his friends to help write this book. The friends include: Josh McDowell, Ken Boa, John C. Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Charles Colson, Don Meredith, Ron Blue, Os Guinness, Walt Larimore, Tony Evans, Randy Alcorn. Gibbs and friends covers topics that are important to all men. My wonderful wife stood in a line at the Charlotte Lifeway bookstore to have my copy signed by Joe Gibbs himself. Joe coached the Washington Redskins to several Super Bowls and has had several successful NASCAR racing teams. He now lives here in Charlotte. I know anyone that reads this book will be blessed. Enjoy!

We must care for our bodies as though we were going to live forever, but we must care for our souls as if we are going to die tomorrow. p. 23

This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord. p. 33

The concept of stewardship appears often throughout the Bible. Stewardship is more than just giving a certain percentage of our income to the church or other ministries. The biblical concept is that God owns everything and we are temporary managers of what He has allowed us to have. If you agree that all we have is from God's hand, you'll quickly grasp my definition of stewardship: Biblical stewardship is the use of God-given gifts and resources (time, talent, treasure, truth, relationships) for the accomplishment of God-given goals. p. 189

If it's true that God owns it all, then He has the right to whatever He wants, whenever He wants it. It's all His. Owners have rights; stewards have only responsibilities. p. 190

The second implication of God's ownership of everything is that not only is our giving a spiritual decision, but every spending choice is a spiritual decision. p. 190

To help you on this journey, I have created an evaluation tool that allows you to examine your four health wheels. www.Dr p.244

The one who dies with the most toys is still dead. p. 254

First, there the highway of passion. p. 259

Second, there's the highway of abilities. p. 259

Third, there's the highway of personality. p. 259

Fourth, there's the highway of experience. p. 259

So don't despair because life has been unfair. God knows how to take your good, your bad, and your ugly and use them for His purpose in your life. p. 260

Fifth, there's the highway of opportunity. p. 260

Christians are not in the land of the living on our way to the land of the dying. We are in the land of the dying on our way to the land of the living. p. 261

God wants to write your eulogy as well. Despite all our activities, honors, and recognition, God desires our hearts. He wants men who will function according to His design and influence their generation for Him because they are committed, above anything else, to doing His will. p. 261

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