Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Were Made For More

Jim Cymbala's new book, You Were Made for More, has many good thoughts. I have listed several below:

God’s kingdom will not be achieved by halfhearted measures. When we begin to act on our special assignment, it is pretty much guaranteed that we will be pushed beyond our comfort zones. We may be called to do things we don’t feel prepared for, even if we are capable. The assignment may call for more faith and courage than we have ever known. p. 27

We would do well not to focus on the top troubles lined up against us. Instead, we need to celebrate the God who has already demonstrated His power and provision in our past. p. 37

One word picture in the Bible for the Holy Spirit is fire. P.74

Fire has at least three remarkable properties that help us understand the work of the spirit. p. 75

1. Fire penetrates whatever it touches. p. 75
The Holy Spirit destroys whatever is flammable. He burns up what doesn’t belong in our lives, the “wood, hay, or straw” (1 Cor. 3:12) that are going to be exposed on the day of judgment anyway. They might as well get burned out now. p. 76
2. Fire serves as a light p. 76
The Holy Spirit is a bright and shinning guide for us. p. 76
3. Fire is contagious p. 76
If we are ablaze with God’s Spirit, we are bound to affect other people. p. 76

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There is a place for human logic and judgment - but not if these things undermine God’s plans for our lives through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. p. 110

The principle behind almost any form of exercise is that resistance is required to make a person stronger. Muscles can’t build without force working against them. The same is true in the spiritual realm. Without “powers and principalities” working against us from time to time, our spiritual muscles don’t have a chance to be developed. p. 137

God is always into making His children channels of blessing. Remember this every time you face a difficult challenge. The day is coming when you will be a source of inspiration and hope to someone else who is undergoing a deep trial. p. 144

God develops testimonies of victory out of settings of difficulty and sometimes even desperation. Then He puts them to use with people who are struggling today just like we did yesterday. p. 145

Many of us today are in danger of missing out on a great future with God because of our concern over qualifications. p. 170

But God knows what He is doing, and when we take the risk to follow Him, He will meet all our needs. If we need financial resources, He will supply them. If we need strength and endurance, He will fortify us. If we need wisdom, He has promised to give it to us. We simply have to take God at His Word, trusting and obeying, regardless of the what-ifs and regardless of our fears. p. 170

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