Monday, June 16, 2008


Here are the other "Presidential Fun Facts" from Cedarville University's TORCH:

The oldest president at the time of election was Ronald Reagan, age 69, while the youngest at election was John F. Kennedy, age 43. (At age 42, Teddy Roosevelt was actually younger when he became president, but he ascended to the White House upon the assassination of William McKinley.) Note: John McCain is 71 and Barack Obama is 46.

Four presidential candidates have won the popular vote but lost the election in the Electoral College:

  • Andrew Jackson, 1824
  • Samuel J. Tilden, 1876
  • Grover Cleveland, 1888
  • Al Gore, 2000

The president with the highest popular vote in American history was Ronald Reagan in 1984 with 54.4 million votes. He also had the highest electoral vote with 525 (carried 49 states).

One president served two non-consecutive terms: Grover Cleveland (1884 and 1892)

The lowest voter turnout percentage in American presidential election history was in 1992 with only 49.1 percent voting. That means that approximately 24.5 percent of the electorate put Bill Clinton into his first term as president.

George W. Bush defeated Al Gore for the presidency in 2000. The race came down to a single state and several hundred votes.

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