Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living Beyond the Daily Grind

A gentleman in our church was injured on a ski outing and as a result was confined to crutches for many long weeks. Sometimes you would find him panting at the top of a flight of stairs. If you looked at his hands, you would notice they had gotten red and sore. He truly found that leaning on crutches was exhausting.
So is leaning on our own understanding! If you want to spend an exhausting day, try to work out your circumstances leaning on your human viewpoint. Chase down all the possibilities you can think of. When you hit a dead-end street, back out, then turn down into another one. Drive fast, then slam on your brakes. Throw in a dash of panic, a pinch of fear, add a tablespoon of manipulation, three cups of scheming, and a handful of pills! When you are through, consider where you have been. That is an excellent recipe for “instant depression.” Furthermore, you will be mentally exhausted. Peace will flee from you. Living Beyond the Daily Grind Chuck Swindoll

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The Family
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