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The Math Video Challenge empowers students to take their math and problem-solving skills to the next level with a creative video project. Students work together in teams of 4 to create a video that explains the solution to a MATHCOUNTS handbook problem and demonstrates a real-world application of the mathematics concept explored in the problem.

Recently, a group of 7th grader and 8th graders created their own video. Team GEOfreaks has already won a prize. Together, Aakriti, Elaine, Diya and Harin created a video called "No More Detention". Now, it is up to YOU to help them win. The more votes a video gets, the higher chance the team has of being a semi-finalist. Also, each person can vote once every day !!!! They need all the help they can get, so help them by voting as many times as you can!! Voting starts Feb. 22, and ends March 14th. Please help the team by voting!

Please consider taking a couple of minutes and vote for our Scholars' Academy students' math challenge video. Once you set up an account (which only takes a minute) you can vote every 24 hours! After clicking the image, follow these instructions:
1. Click on "My Account"
2. If you have already created an account just enter your info
3. If you have not created an account click "click here" and create your account (please remember your user name and password so you can vote every 24 hours).
4. Next Click the tab "Leaderboard" to find our students' video "No More Detentions." We are currently on page two in tenth place.
Click on our video, then click on "Vote For This Video."
5. You may vote every 24 hours.

Thank you for your help. I know the students really appreciate it! Also, encourage others (family members and friends) to vote!

Watch the video at: this link

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